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Friday, May 14, 1999


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In the city

Bus pass universally confusing

By Stephanie Cesca
Gazette Staff

Although several dilemmas occurred with the London Transit Commission student bus pass throughout the academic year, problems are prevailing in the summer months as well.

"It's new. There's some confusion," said John Ford, manager of planning services for the LTC.

Ford acknowledged some confusion surrounding the validity of the bus pass during the month of May, as the expiry date reads "05 99" on the student cards.

Ford said, however, the LTC is not responsible for any confusion due to the expiry date on the validation card. "That's not the bus pass," he said. "The actual bus pass is the number on the card. Remember that the [University Students' Council's] piece of paper was in existence before the pass was even conceived."

Some students, however, felt differently about the situation. "As far as I'm concerned it should be [valid] because it says May 99," said Troy Thomas, a third-year computer science student.

Joshua Allen, a fourth-year kinesiology student felt the same way. "Students not in school can still use campus [recreation] during May," he said.

Jackie Davidson, director of finance and administration for the LTC explained the expiry date on the card does not comply with the contract between the LTC and the USC.

"The contract we have with the university states eight months. So it's from September to April 30th," she said.

SzeJack Tan, President of the USC confirmed the contract. "That's what we negotiated," he said.

To ensure this problem does not occur again, both Tan and the LTC have said they are looking into clearing up any kind of confusion for next year. "We are looking at redesigning the bus pass because of the confusion," Davidson said.

With respect to who is at fault in this matter, neither the LTC or the USC felt they were innocent. "I don't think it's a screw-up, it's just a misunderstanding," Tan said.

The final question remains as to whether or not students may use their bus passes in May. "At this point, operators may be lenient, we are aware of that," said Davidson. "But the passes are not valid."

Allen, however, said he has been able to use his bus pass at times. "Sometimes I get away with it, sometimes I don't."

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