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Friday, May 14, 1999


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In the city

London's latest stabbing has fatal consequences

By Paul-Mark Rendon
Gazette Staff

London's second murder of the year occurred earlier this week and the cold-blooded manner in which it happened has London residents grieving in an all too familiar way.

Police were called to the area of Marmora and Nelson Streets early Monday morning where they found a bleeding male lying on the sidewalk and proceeded to transport him to hospital, said Det. Sgt. Brad Duncan in the criminal investigation division of the London Police Department.

Christopher Andrew Stonebridge, a 23 year-old Hamilton resident, was pronounced dead upon arrival at the London Health Sciences Centre, Victoria Campus, shortly after 5 a.m. on Monday. A postmortem examination on Tuesday concluded Stonebridge's death was a result of a stab wound to the heart, Duncan added.

He said two males were arrested on Tuesday and remain in police custody. Twenty year-old Jean-Guy Lanteigne was arrested at London Police headquarters on Tuesday night. The other male, a 17 year-old, was arrested in the area of Marmora Street near Hamilton Road on Tuesday afternoon. Both have been charged with second degree murder.

Duncan was unable to provide the name of the 17 year-old because he is protected under the Young Offender's Act.

Although police have yet to find the murder weapon or determine a motive, Duncan said the search of a rooming house at 19 Marmora Street, not far from where Stonebridge's body was found, is linked with the investigation.

Anne Nash, a resident at 19 Marmora Street, said she heard yelling on her front lawn the night of the murder. "I thought I heard something in the middle of the night, but I just went back to sleep.

"It's pretty scary. When it happens on your front lawn, it really hits home," she said.

Ian Stonebridge, Chris' father, said while he too was shocked at the news of his son's death, he was also surprised to hear Chris had lied about why he was in London.

"He fabricated a story to us. He told us he was there to find a job but he was there to pick up a 16 year-old friend of his girlfriend's so they could all live together.

Stonebridge said he was waiting for the investigation to conclude before making funeral arrangements.

The homicide has caused some London residents to once again question the safety of London's streets.

Mandy Alvaro, co-founder of Friends Against Sudden Endings, a group founded in memory of stabbing victim Michael Goldie-Ryder, said this homicide stresses the need to shed more light on violent crimes. "This is absolutely another reason why organizations like FASE should be supported by the public," she said.

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