Volume 93, Issue 2

Friday, May 21, 1999


Tuition grabs attention of election platforms

Movies on the Wave's menu

First-year concerns plague dissolved council

Structural face-lift for campus bars in the works

Recent study says future looks bright for university grads

Mail-in ballot to determine negotations

Agriculture a trend out West but lags in Eastern Canada



Caught on campus

Structural face-lift for campus bars in the works

By Stephanie Cesca
Gazette Staff

Some employees of the Wave and The Spoke may be battling for their jobs as the University Students' Council has decided to re-vamp their organizational structure.

According to Jim Walden, general manager of the USC, the two campus bars may soon be lead by one general manager, instead of two. "It's a distinct possibility," he said.

Walden added the USC would not necessarily be downsizing their staff, but shuffling some of the positions. "If it goes as planned right now, there will be the same number of managers, but just with different responsibilities and duties," he said.

He added this re-assessment will hopefully be implemented by the end of the month. "The aim is to have this ready to go by June."

Mark Wellington, general manager of the Wave, said although he was aware of some potential budgetary changes concerning managerial positions in the campus bars, he felt a lot of fine-tuning is still needed before any changes are made. "There's a game plan, but we're still assessing this budget," he said.

Mark Serre, general manager of The Spoke, said he did not think the changes were necessarily part of a budget, but rather a reassessment to conserve funds. "For me, it made a whole lot of sense," he said.

Serre added universities across the province, such as McMaster and Carleton, have one manager for all bars on campus. He also said he felt confidant Western could be just as successful with this method.

Serre said one manager would save the USC a considerable amount of money in the long run. One advantage to the proposed system would be buying food and supplies from one company, opening the opportunity for bulk purchases. "If we go to the same companies, more than likely that's going to save us five to 10 per cent in food prices," he said. Another advantage would be the possibility of the Wave and The Spoke sharing business, he added. "There won't be as much competition."

Furthermore, Serre said staff would be able to work at both establishments, resulting in easier and more efficient scheduling. "It would be nice to have co-ordination."

The last issue, then, is which manager will take the general managerial position of both the Wave and The Spoke.

"I think I'm gonna be the guy for the bars," Serre said, adding Wellington would likely be allocated to another division of the USC.

However, Derrick Taub, VP-finance for the USC said there is no direct competition between the two managers. Taub added this issue was not so much a people issue as it was an organizational one for revenue purposes.

"There is a cost-saving in having one manager instead of two," he said. "This is only a way to optimize revenues."

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