Volume 93, Issue 2

Friday, May 21, 1999


"Zoo Story:" a far cry from Albee

You said it

You said it

We asked and "You Said It." The Gazette is always looking for your opinion. Here's how you responded to this week's question.

"Saugeen is a great environment for first-year students since it combines all aspects of university life. Saugeen promotes academic, social and philanthropic activities – all critical to a positive university experience. [Administration] blew it out of proportion."

David Kim
Computer Engineering IV

"No, Saugeen's reputation did not discourage me from living there last year."

Corry Pepper
Health Sciences III

"Drinking and social activities are a part of university life. All residences party a lot. Since Saugeen is the biggest, of course it will have the biggest reputation as well."

Crystal Scott
English/Anthropology II

"Saugeen will always have a party reputation of some kind. [Administration] shouldn't waste their time trying to fight it so hard."

Chris Jongkind
Geography IV

"'The zoo' image negatively affects Saugeen's students because it devalues its academic environment. Disbanding council will not be enough to get rid of Saugeen's party image – other steps need to be taken. But administration's stance will start the ball rolling and hopefully, in three or four years, future students will not suffer from 'the zoo' party image."

Peter Testa
Sociology III

"There will always be one residence that is considered 'the party' one. If [administration] cleans up Saugeen, then another residence will get the same reputation."

Myfanwy Smith
UWO Alumnus, '97

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