Volume 93, Issue 4

Wednesday, May 28, 1999


Provincial elections "the pits"

Darth Vader gives us a hope in hell

Zoo? What zoo?

Provincial elections "the pits"

My first confession, before I make any statement, is I am new to the world of politics. In fact, before the various campaigns of this upcoming provincial election emerged on the media scene, I paid little attention to what was occurring in the government of this province, or even this country.

However, I have been told fresh blood can be good in an old game. In my own attempt to learn what I could from each of the political parties, I have realized elections are nothing more than a middle-aged rivalry of who holds the most power on the political playground.

I spoke with various representatives from each party but not one told me how his or her party could better provide for the citizens of Ontario. Instead, they spewed endless reasons as to why their party was better than the others.

As Mike Harris accuses Dalton McGuinty of being a "weasel," scandals about Harris' pitiful attempt to elevate his reputation by bribing underage high school students with free liquor and food made headlines.

The best analogy I can think of is elementary school. There were always a few "leaders" who salivated over the idea of being the most popular kid in school that week because she or he had the shiniest bicycle or the newest video game.

Although politicians may be more articulate, more conservative and usually – but not necessarily – more educated, when it comes down to it, I find election time no less embarrassing or scandalous than a good round on an episode of Jerry Springer.

However, I do realize this society needs a government. Government structures society and gives it order, much like the system that governs this university.

Nonetheless, the means to attain government power has persuaded me to steer away from any kind of voting booths for now. Maybe when I'm 50 years old and have seen a dozen or so Mike Harris' swing in and out of power, I will have lightened up to election time and politicians. But until then I hold only one opinion of the world of politics – that it is the unshaven armpit of this society.

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