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Wednesday, November 10, 1999


Top soph dismissed by Essex executive

Engineer review to begin today

Aboutown drivers alleged in Fanshawe student beatings

Monopoly still a threat

Shelter proposal to go before city



Caught on campus


Extending memories

A King's college councillor will raise a motion at tonight's University Students' Council meeting designed to keep the recognition of war alive in Western students.

Mike Werenich said his proposal is to create a Remembrance Day commissioner, under the VP-campus issues portfolio, which would extend the day of honour to at least three days of activities on campus.

"The overall idea of remembrance is lacking at university," Werenich said. "If we forget those who are lost, then who will remember?"

Monaco, who seconded the motion, said the international nature of this day is what makes it deserving of a USC commissioner co-ordinating activities. He also said it would be vital in providing Remembrance Day with the attention it does not always get.

Werenich added the commissioner would create greater awareness by preparing a pamphlet, co-ordinating speakers and assuring two minutes of silence at 11 a.m. on Nov. 11.

Werenich said when his first year History 020 class did not halt for a moment of silence, it was a clear indication that awareness needed to be promoted.

Huron College commissioner Chris Sinal said he was in full support of the motion and expects it to pass through council with little debate. "I don't remember [any Remembrance Day ceremonies] last year," he said.

The only problem Sinal was able to identify was the technicality of adding another commissioner to the USC list, but he said this was a well deserving area. "We don't have any frivolous commissioners and this one is tough to knock," he said. Sinal added this would provide another volunteer position on council for students to get involved.

Monaco said a ceremony to commemorate Remembrance Day will be held in the University Community Centre atrium tomorrow, beginning just prior to 11 a.m..

Men aren't necessarily getting more nookie

A University of Alberta professor has proven men don't lie about their sex life, they just can't count.

Psychology professor Norman Brown said his work with 1,800 undergraduate students at the U of A showed men and women use different strategies in calculating the number of sexual partners with which they have been.

"I knew there weren't a lot of hyperactive prostitutes out there," he said, in reference to why men claim to be having sex with more women then vice versa. "I know they don't go to hookers three times a week."

Brown said his survey asked students how many partners they've had sex with. He explained men claim to be having sex with four times as many partners as women.

The study results showed men use a strategy of rough approximation, which leads to overestimating the number of partners they have had. On the other hand, women use a strategy of enumeration which Brown said tends to cause an underestimation of the actual number.

"We only used the data of those students who have eight or more lovers," he added.

At present Brown is planning a similar nationwide survey to back the data from his small sample.

–John Intini

What about this "free trade?"

Paul Kellogg, editor of Socialist Worker, a Canadian by-weekly socialist paper, will be visiting campus tomorrow to discuss the purpose of free trade in the world.

"It will be a Marxist analyst – he's one of the leading Marxists in the country," said Devin Hanes, an organizer for the Centre for Social Concern at King's College.

Hanes explained Kellogg will offer an alternative perspective on free trade, as it is only usually depicted as positive in the media because of the economic benefits. "It should attract anyone who's interested in social programs at all, including education and health care," he said.

Hanes added all students, faculty and staff are welcome to attend the event, free of cost, which begins at 7 p.m. in Room 49 of the University Community Centre.

–Stephanie Cesca

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