Volume 93, Issue 40

Wednesday, November 10, 1999


Charging my money

Opting into a lawsuit

Not enough intelligence

Opting into a lawsuit

Re: "Students charged for opt-out" Nov. 4

To the Editor:

What kind of wretched, disgusting institution do we attend? It makes me vomit to see how students at this school are constantly getting ripped off.

This most recent incident of students having $3.60 subtracted from their opt-out cheques is absolutely incredible.

[Jim Walden, USC general manager], you say that this fee will cover the costs incurred by a number of administrative and cheque writing processes. There were 7,548 students who opted out – each of them paying you $3.60 gives you over $27,000.

What sort of administrative processes are we talking about here? Why, all of a sudden, has this bullshit fee been implemented this year? And, who are you to say that opting out is a privilege here at Western, not a right?

That statement is the most rubbish I have ever heard. You should be challenged to either give the students at Western a proper, thorough explanation, or resign from your position as USC general manager.

Why are students at this school forced to inconvenience themselves by taking time to opt-out of a health plan when many of them are covered by better health plans already? Why do students have to pay a fee for refusing something they don't need?

It is like going on a school field trip and making everyone pay, even those who aren't going (normally, if not enough people go, the trip is cancelled or the cost increases for those who choose to go).

What's next, an opt-out charge on those stupid donation fees? Seven thousand, five hundred and forty-eight students should chip in another $3.60 each and hire a lawyer.

Denis Grigoras
Psychology II

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