Volume 93, Issue 40

Wednesday, November 10, 1999


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Not enough intelligence

Not enough intelligence

Re: "Program Notice" Nov. 2

To the Editor:

Once again Western students are subjected to another minimally researched and uncreative editorial. I am referring to the editorial about the tragic death of Greg Moore.

The author takes the popular and easy view that us TV drone humans are wishing to see the Greg Moore crash for the sole reason as the author put it, "To see the gore and blood of real life." The grouping of the masses of TV as "they" is just the beginning of the flaws in this editorial. There are so many issues that could have come out of this tragedy, but to focus on the television coverage of the event shows the author's lack of creativity and independent intelligence.

Every time a tragedy occurs on TV there is someone who points out the problems with the television coverage. Do we read The Gazette for the sole reason of hearing things that others have already said and much better, I might add? I would hope people of this centre of higher learning could come up with their own ideas.

The fact that this author claims that people are solely interested in news materials for the gore and blood is what really disturbs me. The author uses the Owen Hart death, the Columbine school massacre and the assassination of JFK as examples of our morbid nature. Then this person goes on to claim, "It's the viewers who are to blame for their seemingly grotesque desire to witness human tragedy."

I ask this person, did it not occur to you that people may feel a connection with these tragedies other then the desire to witness death? The tragic and sudden death of someone in the public eye creates a desire to know the facts and reasons surrounding the tragedy so one can better come to terms with it. In most cases people cannot just say "Oh, Greg Moore/JFK/Owen Hart is dead" and leave it at that. This would be more disturbing behavior then watching TV.

I was personally affected by various celebrity deaths as most of the readers have been. For me it's been Phil Hartman and yes, Greg Moore. So when I heard of his death I wanted answers and some of these included seeing the crash. I have personally witnessed someone die and do not wish to have the experience repeated, but this does not mean I can simply dismiss a death of someone I feel I've known for about five years.

Maybe I am asking too much for the people at The Gazette to put research, thought and intelligence into what they write.

Matt Romanada
History II

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