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Thursday, November 11, 1999


Rez council in the works for Saugeen

Extra councillor not needed

USC approves Remembrance Week

Contract negotiations still await

Canadians punch more time on clock

Relief effort led by Western prof


Caught on campus

Rez council in the works for Saugeen

By John Intini
Gazette Staff

Floor representatives at Saugeen-Maitland Hall will vote Sunday on the future of their now non-existent residents' council.

Scott Belton, Saugeen's University Students' Council representative, said the building's floor reps are currently discussing two proposals with students.

One of the proposals, he said, was submitted by the USC to the floor reps Nov. 3, while the other was provided by a number of Western's other residence presidents on Nov. 1.

"Both [proposals] are very simple but neither is meant to last forever," Belton said, adding regardless which one is chosen, the structure of the new council would be set by the elected executive.

Peter Mercer, Western's VP-academic, explained Saugeen's last council was disbanded last spring after continuing to break university codes of conduct and ignoring repeated warnings.

SzeJack Tan, president of the USC, said the USC's proposal is a response to a petition signed by 925 Saugeen residents which asked the USC for assistance in organizing a new council.

"[The USC proposal] mimics the old one [at Saugeen]," Tan said. He added two differences between the old structure and the USC proposal are the additions of a VP-external and a VP-communications to the executive structure.

Ho-Yin Lee, president of the Medway-Sydenham residents' council, said the second proposal provides a short-term solution until a complete election in February is held. Lee said the proposal suggests an executive would only consist of a president and vice president for the time being. "We didn't think it would be practical, with the time they have, to co-ordinate a full election," he said. "Our structure is simple enough to be implemented quickly."

Last Sunday, Belton said Saugeen's floor reps voted in favour of the right of the new council to establish a new constitution and to give all floor reps voting rights in the new government. He said he expects a new council to be erected by the end of November.

Mercer, who pointed to a 14 point pub crawl and problems with the Saugeen yearbook as key events in the dissolution of last year's council, said the university has done nothing to thwart student's efforts in creating a body to represent themselves.

Belton explained there were two reasons it has taken so long to get this process off the ground. He said the first is based on the transition of first-year students who do not fully understand the importance of the council and secondly, the desire to make sure what is implemented is done properly.

Susan Grindrod, senior director of housing and ancillary services, said she encouraged the floor reps' efforts. "We had a rough patch with last year's council but these are different times," she said. "Our job is to look at what is happening and not what happened."

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