Volume 93, Issue 41

Thursday, November 11, 1999


Rez council in the works for Saugeen

Extra councillor not needed

USC approves Remembrance Week

Contract negotiations still await

Canadians punch more time on clock

Relief effort led by Western prof


Caught on campus

Extra councillor not needed

By Stephanie Cesca and John Intini
Gazette Staff

A series of administrative blunders resulted in the removal of Jeff Sutton from his position on the University Students' Council, before he even got his voting card.

USC president SzeJack Tan said Sutton had to be removed after it was somehow misconstrued that five councillors would be chosen instead of the eligible four during the Oct. 27 undergraduate elections.

"There was sort of a breakdown of communication somewhere," he said, adding the problem was identified late last week.

Sutton, a fourth-year bachelor of administrative and commercial studies student, said he was disappointed after being told Tuesday night his position as one of the USC social sciences councillors was being taken away.

"It came as a bit of a shock when they told me," he said. "I was under the impression there were supposed to be five [councillors] and the president, but it turns out there is just four and the president."

Matt Kelleher, legal affairs officer for the USC, said the error was made because the number of available positions change every year.

Sutton said students were asked to cast five votes, on a ballot of 12, which is where one of the remaining problems lie. Since there was no ranking system on the ballot, Sutton said there's no way of knowing where he stood in relation to the rest of the field, but he believed the ballot was still statistically significant.

The campaign was filled with problems, he added. As a result of an administrative error, Sutton's picture and personal description were not on the web site on voting day, which almost prompted him to appeal.

However, after winning, Sutton decided not to appeal and said it is now too late, since two weeks have passed since the vote. He added he will continue to attend USC meetings.

Joel Porter, a third-year history student and one of the new social science councillors, said he empathized with Sutton. "It certainly must be disappointing for Jeff," he said. "I think it was a major oversight."

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