Volume 93, Issue 42

Friday, November 12, 1999


Weekend pass

Gryner comes full circle with latest release

Danko doesn't apologize for hardcore narcissism

Maxim just wants you to get laid

Ghetto rising up from the streets

Les Savy Fav keep on the up and up

Weekend pass

Day 42, Isle of Midterm Western

"...today I went fishing for some action. Using the last of my doughy bait, I cast my line to various places in the Western ocean. Many hours of quiet comtemplation and boredom passed, when I finally caught some action. Action of the cream-filled variety.

Having avoided starvation, I can now focus my efforts on preparing for the coming winter months. The primitive locals inform me that the weather here can be very cold and grey, requiring vast reserves of 'fun' and 'excitement'. They have given me a map, cryptically labelled 'Weekend Pass,' to help me locate these vital supplies.

With luck, I shall survive the winter. If not, this diary will be the last record of my trials here in this harsh and desolate land..."

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