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Friday, November 12, 1999


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The Gazette spoon-feeds pablum

Re: "No Return of the Blob for city" Nov. 3

To the Editor:

Talk about buying the baloney from the Ministry of the Environment. No wonder so many of today's Western students are in the dark about current events. Does The Gazette always spoon-feed Western students regurgitated pabulum?

The toxic blob of coal tar will most certainly reappear in the Thames river unless a clean up is undertaken of the source of the river contaminants that are "migrating" into the river – namely the land beneath the parking lots owned by London Hydro.

The news that a clean up will be done of the most recently discovered blob and the one discovered in the river in 1990 – the blob "capped" with a clay overlay, is really no good news surprise at all. They simply had no choice and heads should roll for allowing that blob to be capped in the first place and not removed.

Further, it's unconscionable that the Ministry, London Hydro and the city haven't cleaned up the land contaminants first discovered in 1984, during the construction of the Horton Street extension. Cleaning up the river is only a necessary first step. It's high-time to go to the land-based source of the coal tar, otherwise blobs are guaranteed to reappear in the river.

I challenge The Gazette to set the record straight.

Barry A. Wells
Secretary, Oxford Park Residents' Association

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