Volume 93, Issue 42

Friday, November 12, 1999


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One really expensive utensil

To the Editor:

I would like to thank Western Food Services for consolidating my opinion that Western, with its ever increasing tuition costs, newly renovated restaurants and tanning salons, stands as a great monument to capitalism.

I now know how Western Food Services manages to make ends meet on its shoe string budget – it charges students five cents for a plastic fork.

I have decided to keep that plastic fork for posterity and for the fact that it is the most expensive piece of plastic I have ever had the good fortune of purchasing. It is not the cost I quibble with, but the general principle of the matter.

In addition to paying over $4,000 every year to the faculty of music, The BookStore siphons out a good proportion of my summer earnings. The cafeteria ladies, at CentreSpot in the University Community Centre know me well, which suffices to say, I frequent the food service establishment regularly.

Consequently, it would have been absolutely wonderful if Western Food Services could have obliged me by granting a free fork to eat my expensive home spun lunch.

But resignedly, I have come to accept life and all it has to offer at Western. When they tell you to "fork it over," they mean business – all five cents of it.

Vanessa Nicole Martin
Music IV

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