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Friday, November 12, 1999


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EsseX-Files getting out of hand

Re: "Top soph dismissed by Essex executive" Nov. 10

To the Editor:

Essex Hall used the theme of the X-Files for its orientation program this year. How interesting that the reasons for the dismissal of Mark Sheard, Essex Head Soph, are being kept under lock and key.

I find it disturbing that an association that claims to be following process and procedure, i.e. Robert's Rules of Order for the meeting, conducts a meeting wherein the acting speaker allows two motions to simultaneously be on the table and intended to distribute minutes that were taken while the meeting was in confidential. Perhaps I misunderstand the definition of "confidential," especially as employed by Robert's Rules.

As an invited observer at the association meeting on Monday night, I found the bastardization of "proper procedure" and the lack of responsibility of the association absolutely abhorrent.

I would like to say publicly that I have not experienced, seen, or heard of, just cause for Sheard's dismissal. In fact, I found him to be agreeable, accommodating, a team player and responsible as a fellow head soph.

The president of the association said that Sheard executed his duties as Essex's orientation officer very well. Why remove him?

I cannot speak to those exact grounds of removal because they have not been revealed. I question whether the association's reasoning will ever be revealed in whole, beyond casual speculation.

Mark did a good job. He is respected by the orientation officer, orientation staff, head sophs, Essex sophs, Essex frosh and even by sophs from other constituencies.

I respect him. So should the executive members of the association.

Erin Grainger
Music Head Soph 1999

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