Volume 93, Issue 42

Friday, November 12, 1999


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Centre Spot in search of G-spot?

To the Editor:

Picture this – I walk into CentreSpot at about 8:30 a.m. and am greeted with what appeared to be a female blow-up sex doll. She was done up in hula wear, holding a glazed doughnut on her thumb.

I was shocked to say the least. It looked more like the leftovers of an initiation ritual than a university subsidized place of business.

I studied the display and drew the attention of a staff member who quietly agreed that it was inappropriate. Don't get me wrong, I am by no means a moral watchdog, I simply felt that a blow up doll could be interpreted quite negatively as an objectification of women, not to mention a negative commentary on the school by visitors.

After finishing my breakfast, I went back in and asked to speak with the supervisor, who came out and greeted me with concern. I was baffled that this man, to whom I give the benefit of the doubt in terms of intelligence, immediately began to "spin" the display, suggesting gently, that my interpretation was the product of a dirty mind and it was, in fact, a harmless summer motif. When I suggested that he leave it up and allow others to view it, he was quickly pacified and had the offence removed.

Regardless of the tete tete that took place between myself and the supervisor, I wish to extend my thanks and appreciation for his quick removal of an object which, to that point, had only offended one person.

As this was the first time I have ever made a stand in the area of social commentary, I felt a ping of guilt after vanquishing the dead-eyed doll.

Now, however I am glad that I did it, if for no other reason than it proves to me that we are in a very sensitive learning environment which I am proud to say extends beyond the class room. Kudos to CentreSpot.

Quinn Ross
Social Sciences I

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