Volume 93, Issue 42

Friday, November 12, 1999


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Gazette columnists need help

To the Editor:

There's a disturbing trend that's been occurring throughout the pages of The Gazette this year. Perhaps there's a shortage of letters written by faculty or students, or maybe we're all of a single mind on every issue. Either way, there is far too much space being given to the columnists of The Gazette.

Firstly, the titles given to each columnist seem not to matter as we're forced to read the sports editor's views on everything from rez life to religion. Try baseball, basketball, or for the love of God even write about cricket. If you're the sports guy, write about sports. No one gives a rat's ass what your views on religion are.

Secondly, those devoted to opinion, write many a useless piece. There have been numerous times when the column "Poppin' Your Wherry" has been so useless, I'm surprised it stuck to the page. From the opening column on a gay club in Toronto (which doesn't affect the students of Western), to the requiem for a professor he'd never met (which was more likely to bring nausea than tears), they just get continually more useless. Why not get someone who was familiar with the professor to write the column?

One of the few times that Wherry wrote about something that actually concerned the students of Western, he was cheaply attacked by members of the "Harris youth" who are busy trying to bolster the reputation of a man who's a sneeze to the left of Stalin on the political scale. Is that the best criticism that Western can offer?

I'm not criticizing the writer's ability, just the choice of topics. Stick with issues that involve the school or at least the people who attend it.

Now we have two new columnists. With great anticipation I read the first new column, only to discover that it is as, if not more, inane (and unfunny) than the rest. I doubt that this guy would know funny if it punched him in the throat. A whole column devoted to the way the rooms are numbered – pure comedy gold. I can't wait for the next one.

One of the first rules of writing is to write about what you know. A lesson that needs to be introduced to the columnists at The Gazette. Therefore, if you don't know anything, you shouldn't be writing.

When you're ready to give out a column devoted to cynicism, you know where to find me.

Scott Lightfoot
Media, Information and Technoculture III

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