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Friday, November 12, 1999


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Walden's comments audacious

Re: "Students charged for opt-out" Nov. 4

To the Editor:

I am, as are many other students, covered under an alternative health plan to the one imposed by the University Students' Council. The USC's coverage is utterly useless to me. Without checking to see if I am already adequately covered, the USC levies a health plan fee on me and all other undergraduates.

If students already have a sufficient health plan, is is not a right to deny coverage by another, often inferior, health plan? Not according to the audacious, arrogant comments of [USC General Manager] Jim Walden. How can Walden (he doesn't merit enough of my respect for me to address him as Mr.) justify these comments?

He compares the health plan fee to the fees imposed on all students for Intercollegiate Athletics. Although a university should be primarily an institute of higher education, I am not entirely opposed to supporting athletics to a moderate extent. They are part of the university environment and can contribute a sense of pride and unity to a school.

The health plan serves only individuals and thus individuals who do not require it should not be obligated to pay a fee. Walden also states this fee maintains equity by supporting students who wish to have the USC coverage. Does this mean if you scrounge up the money to attend this expensive institution, surely you have $90 to pay for health coverage if you need it.

I know of others who pay their entire tuition out of their own pockets. I suggest that each student who has a scholarship or the full financial support of parents give up a few dollars to create equity. Isn't that fair?

I am generally pleased with the education I have received at Western, but unfortunately it is an institution besieged by money-hungry individuals who, when they are forced to make cuts, prefer to make them in educational areas (i.e. biology labs) while they concurrently fund multimillion-dollar football stadiums complete with Astroturf. Pretty equitable treatment, eh?

Chris Wilbur
Psychology III

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