Volume 93, Issue 43

Tuesday, November 16, 1999


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A glass of booze a day keeps the doctor away

Gas and fire cause false alarms, not panic

Chaplains to give peace a chance

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Gas and fire cause false alarms, not panic

By Nina Chiarelli
Gazette Staff

The ice man did cometh for an unlucky student this week as a Western student suffered an unfortunate fall at Thompson Arena.

Const. Wendy McGowan of the University Police Department said the police received a report from a staff member at Thompson Arena that an individual had fallen on the ice while skating and had hit his head. McGowan said the blow to the head was severe enough to cause blood loss. She added the man was treated by the Student Emergency Response Team before being transported to the hospital for further treatment.

A vending machine at Saugeen-Maitland Hall also received some severe treatment last week when it was vandalized. McGowan said the perpetrator broke the machine so as to remove products without payment. She encouraged anyone with knowledge of the occurrence to contact police in an attempt to prevent further problems.

Residents of Essex Hall needed police support this weekend when propane was defected through the halls of the new building. McGowan said although there is no use of propane in the building, Union Gas Inc. was called to check out the residence as well as the surrounding area, for cautionary measures. Union Gas Inc. found nothing to indicate a propane leak.

A resident of Lambton Hall will be using the heel-toe express as a result of a stolen bicycle on Nov. 10. The bike was stolen after it was left unlocked and unattended outside of the resident's door. McGowan again emphasized the use of a lock to properly secure bikes against theft.

A report of fire at Bayfield Hall got the UPD there just in time to find a pot simmering on an unattended stove. Although the fire department did arrive as a result of a 911 call and the fire alarm going off, she said, no fire was found – only a roomful of smoke.

The UPD responded to a call from The BookStore in the University Community Centre on Nov. 11 because staff suspected a patron of shoplifting. The individual was charged with theft after the UPD found four textbooks totalling $100 in his possession.

A Platt's Lane resident is still confused because of an unexplained incident on Nov. 15. The individual was awakened in the early hours of the morning by someone banging on the front door yelling threats and obscenities. McGowan said the victim did not answer the door or recognize the assailant. She added UPD found no one in the area when they arrived, but the victim did report seeing someone drive off in an unidentifiable vehicle.

McGowan added the UPD also handed out a 12 hour driving suspension on Nov. 12 to an intoxicated driver travelling through campus.

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