Volume 93, Issue 43

Tuesday, November 16, 1999


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Maximum passion for gettin' laid

Re: "Maxim just wants you to get laid" Nov. 12

To the Editor:

So Mark Pytlik hates Maxim, does he? I've put up with numerous idiotic injustices during my brief time at Western thus far, but this takes the cake.

Somehow, this awful student newspaper (you're awful and you know it) managed to justify the printing of this most useless and ill-conceived article.

To begin with, everyone wants to get laid! Don't even try to say that's not so. It's not even just a human thing. You know what life, in general, is all about? Shagging like nobody's business! So for Maxim being about guys getting laid – well, congratulations, what are you, a private dick or something? Brilliant grasp of the obvious, skippy.

And since I'm here, let me address your sorry "mysogynistic" argument (I'm surprised you know what the word means). There is an article in the September issue, on how to be a better lover than the last man she (whoever she may be) was with. It's called "30 New Sex Tricks" right on the cover.

It was written by a man named Nicole Veland. Wait a minute, what's this? Nicole? Why... that's a girl's name! And she wrote an article on how to please a woman! How disgustingly mysogynistic! That's the only point I'm going to make on that subject.

Now how about your cleverly worded sentence, "In Maxim's world, to exist is to fuck." First of all, you're in university – grow up and at least present yourself as a civilized adult in writing. Maxim, if you've ever read the damn magazine, is about quite a bit more than that.

Let's just peruse an issue, shall we? Why look – an interview with Drew Carey. Movie reviews and beer reviews. Articles on football and other sports. An article on a boating accident... hmm... here's some bit on fashion. Well, I'll be a monkey's uncle. There's other stuff in this magazine! Who would have guessed?

There's not many things I like in this world, but Maxim is one of them. It's funny, it's informative (it's much better written than anything I've seen at school) and yes, it talks about sex. And guess what junior? I like sex! I like women! I like sex with women! If you're not down with that, I don't give a rat's ass and why does anyone else? You stick to writing reviews of the Pokémon movie, or whatever the hell it is you do, okay?

Ian Fortey
Arts I

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