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Tuesday, November 16, 1999


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Best things in life free?

Re: "Everyone's free to ask questions" Nov. 9

To the Editor:

Obviously, Nawaz Tahir forgot about his responsibility and the angry crowd of 10 undergraduate students who thought the event was FREE!

It is important to realize that the event [in which Finance Minister Paul Martin visited campus] was held at King's College, which is a public building and as such, is open to ALL King's College students. Several undergraduate students wanted to get into the event, as they were told by Peter Murphy (of the Western Young Liberals) that it was "FREE!" If an agreement was decided upon by Peter Murphy and the president of the Political Science Club at King's College, then should that agreement not be held?

It's all about accountability and this is something that seems to be lacking on the part of Western's Young Liberals. Needless to say Nawaz, you did not make many friends at King's by turning students away.

What about the students who had classes Wednesday morning? Needless to say, education counts most! If I, or other students, had class from 8-11 a.m., during Martin's free Q&A at University College, we would have needed to go to class and not have been able to attend.

Hence, I am not alone when I say that Mr. Martin's visit to King's College should have been free of charge for those students who could not afford the time commitment that the morning session required. Just ask King's students and professors if you do not believe me.

Last of all, Peter Murphy and the Western Young Liberals should keep their promises. If I am told an event is "free," this is the way it should be when I get to the door.

By the way, Mr. Tahir, I did ask Martin a question about the "brain drain." His first reaction to my question was "I need another beer." Way to go Paul Martin! Thanks for the picture, though.

Mike Werenich
USC Councillor, King's College
Political Science/History IV

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