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Wednesday, November 17, 1999


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De-ratification may surprise USC clubs

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UN payment conditional


Caught on campus

De-ratification may surprise USC clubs

By Nina Chiarelli
Gazette Staff

A number of clubs on campus found themselves in limbo yesterday, de-ratified for not following proper procedures.

Early yesterday afternoon, University Students' Council VP-campus issues Perry Monaco posted three lists detailing clubs in violation of a USC clubs policy.

The lists named clubs who are now permanently de-ratified, are de-ratified and pending appeal, are on probation, or those which face possible probationary sanctions in the future. Seventy-seven clubs are listed in total. "It's a regular occurrence," Monaco said.

The matter is of extreme seriousness, because once a club is permanently de-ratified it is no longer recognized by the USC, Monaco said. "You lose all privileges immediately."

In total, nine clubs, including the Skydiving, German and Cornerstone Christian clubs are on the list of those which have been permanently de-ratified. Monaco said the notice explains the now defunct clubs were in violation of club policy as they failed to rectify probationary status.

USC clubs officer Najeeb Shafiq agreed this step was necessary. "The clubs on probation have faults in their systems and need to get some things straightened out."

Shafiq said the decision to alter the status of certain clubs was made Monday evening, but added the list was not posted until yesterday afternoon. Some clubs listed may still not know their fate, Shafiq said, adding letters will be distributed to the clubs' mailboxes sometime today.

"[The clubs will] have the opportunity to come and make a presentation to the Clubs Policy Committee," Shafiq said.

Reform club president Lana Bryon said she was in shock when she heard of her club's probationary status. "This has never happened in the past," she said.

Bryon explained the probation is the result of submitting the club's week receipt book a day late. She said in the past, her club has handed things in up to a month late without being punished. "As president of the club, I'm really busy doing stuff for the club and its members," she said.

She added she intends to appeal the matter to the CPC on Dec. 6.

Jewish Students' Union VP-community relations Aron Weinstein, whose club had also been put on the probation list, said the JSU also intends to contact the USC to fix the situation.

Weinstein, like Bryon, said this is the first time this has happened to his club. "Obviously we don't want [probation] as our standing. We will take every step to return to full status."

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