Volume 93, Issue 44

Wednesday, November 17, 1999


Oil spill threatened Thames

De-ratification may surprise USC clubs

TAs and admin reach agreement

Quality of college education falls

Drugs and alcohol use on the rise

UN payment conditional


Caught on campus


Awarding profs

To recognize their hard work and new developments, the Ministry of Energy, Science and Technology has awarded seven researchers at Western the Premier's Research Excellence Award.

At an awards ceremony on Monday, 66 researchers from 13 universities around the province each received approximately $100,000 to further their research, said Mike Krizanc, communications officer for the Ministry.

These funds, along with a $50,000 supplement from the researcher's university, will go towards hiring new scientists for research teams. "The government has $50 million in awards that will be given out over the next 10 years," Krizanc said.

Award recipient Jim Lewis, a professor of medicine and physiology at Western, said the financial recognition makes the university much more competitive, as it makes research projects more attractive. "This money will give us the funds to attract good graduate students to help with our research."

Stephen Watt, a computer science professor at Western and also an award recipient, said he was also excited about the honour. "We will be hiring a post-doctoral student and a programmer for our lab."

–Emily Armstrong

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