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Wednesday, November 17, 1999


Duck flies high at CIAU finals

Western slams T.O. Open

Mustangs avoid volleyball scare

Erratic defence keeps volleyball match tight

Squash team missing key Mustangs

Hawks drown 'Stangs

Squash team missing key Mustangs

By Wes Brown
Gazette Staff

Injuries, a missing team member and total games won were the reasons behind Western's disappointing finish in the women's squash tournament, hosted by the Mustangs last weekend.

Western placed fourth among six teams and head coach Leslie Forsbrey said the results were not what she expected, but she admitted the competition was tight. "I'd like to be further ahead at this point, but I think we'll be a surprise come January."

Shannen Madden played as both fourth and fifth seed in the tournament and said their fourth place finish was a little misleading. "To win a match all six [players] have to play against a school. If there is a tie, then you have to look at the games won and lost. If there is still a tie it goes to points," she said. "It's bad sportsmanship to blow out your opponent and not much fun. That's why we finished in fourth."

Forsbrey said Western's number one, two and three seeds didn't lose a match all weekend, but also didn't blow out their opponents. "[This result] doesn't matter, I still have hopes that we're going to win it all," she said.

The key will be working with the younger girls before the next tournament and getting them lots of matches. Forsbrey, the club squash pro at the London Goodlife Fitness Club, she said it wouldn't be hard to get more games under the rookies' belts.

"The rookies were playing better and better all the way through the tournament. You do drills in practice, but sometimes its actual games that you need to improve."

The level of play was close between all of the teams and Madden said it was too bad the end result had to be decided by games won and lost. "The next tournament is in January and we'll have our entire team playing and everybody will be in their proper seating. I think we will blow [the opposition] away."

Queen's University finished first in the weekend event and head coach Mark Chatterly said his team's depth was the basis for their victory over a lot of the other teams.

"Our third and fourth seeds did particularly well for us," Chatterly said. "The depth helped us against other schools. It didn't help us against Western, we tied them 3-3 but ended up beating them in games."

Chatterly said Western should do well at the next tournament – if they field their best team. "It should come down to us, [the University of Toronto], Western and [McMaster University] by the end. Ryerson [Polytechnic University] and McGill [University] are a fair bit behind," he said.

Madden added it's simply a matter of getting the team working together before they start to win again.

The women's squash team will have their next tournament after the Christmas break, when they travel to Queen's to take part in the Crossover tournament Jan. 15-16, the only tournament of the season involving teams from both the East and West division.

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