Volume 93, Issue 45

Thursday, November 18, 1999


Empowerment for victims

Do you feel safe on campus?

Do you feel safe on campus?

Campus safety is an issue faced by all Western students. The following are some of the responses given by students when asked about the issue of sexual assault and if they felt they put themselves in danger while on campus.

"I feel safe on campus and I walk home at night, even along Wharncliff Road. I'm from a small town in B.C. and Toronto seems like a big city and more intimidating. But I feel safe here in London because I make myself feel so."

–Fiona Anderson, Adminstrative and Commercial Studies II

"I use foot patrol, but only after 10:30 at night. I do feel safe on campus, but there's always that lingering thought in the back of my mind that something could happen."

–Emilyn Castro, Nursing II

"I don't feel safe on campus. Last year I wouldn't even walk from [University College] hill to my residence. There were a couple of rapes last year on UC hill that we heard about – they weren't publicized. I'm from Toronto and that's pretty dangerous too, but here I won't walk anywhere as soon as it gets dark."

–Suzan Hallak, Biology II

"I don't feel safe at night and I always use foot patrol. It's a big risk to walk alone at night."

–Nancy Kassa, Biology III

"I would never let my sister walk by herself at night. It's dangerous. But safety has to come from people themselves and more from the self. People do set themselves up as victims, though."

–Mohamed Ghally, Electrical Engineering III

"I have no problem walking by myself at night. I have night classes and then I walk to the bus stop."

–Tanya Hawkins, Science I

"I don't feel safe walking to my home downtown. I was coming home one night and an old, decrepit man was sitting on the bench making lewd comments. Then he got up and started to follow me. I didn't have any problems walking by myself at night until then."

–Lindsay Maschern, English II

"No, I don't feel the campus is safe enough for women to be walking alone at night. My friends and I try to walk our friends home as often as possible. The other night some of us were walking home and one of the girls said she was scared of the trails near Elgin Hall because of rumours of attempted rapes."

–Stefan Pagliuso, English and Kinesiology II

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