Volume 93, Issue 46

November 19, 1999


Admin may face review

Government announces cuts

Province may find itself home to private universities

Reform policy may harm UN friendship

The mysteries of medicine revealed



Let Clinton know...

Students can sign a petition today, which will be sent to United States president Bill Clinton to pressure him to recognize the rights of children.

Carolina Seward, co-chair administration of Western's Amnesty organization, said there will be two tables in the University Community Centre atrium where students can join the petition to urge the U.S. to sign the Convention on the Rights of the Child's contract.

–Stephanie Cesca

Students build Canada

Students arranged used textbooks in an outline of the Canadian flag in the University Community Centre atrium yesterday, to promote Canadian Alliance of Student Associations' "Education Builds a Nation campaign."

The campaign is directed towards the government and centres on four goals: requesting the elimination of GST on textbooks, an increase in funding to universities, interest relief on student loans and the elimination of inter-provincial student fees, said University Students' Council VP-education and CASA Ontario Regional Director, Mark Kissel.

Kissel said the campaign is part of a nationwide effort to advocate student funding. "This is happening in 18 different schools in Canada," he said.

–Tola Afolabi


The Nov. 18 issue of The Gazette reported that Chantal Kreviazuk was performing at Centennial Hall last night. Her show is scheduled for tonight at 8 p.m.. The Gazette regrets the error.

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