Volume 93, Issue 46

November 19, 1999


Stangs get medieval on Lancers

Middle blockers strong in battle

Men's volleyball remain undefeated

Middle blockers strong in battle

Tom Baumgartner/Gazette
I GOT IT, I GOT IT. The women's volleyball team were catching all the breaks on Wednesday as they trounced the Guelph Gryphons 3-0.

By Eric Meliton
Gazette Writer

The Guelph Gryphons were shown the door last night, as the Western women's volleyball team beat their rivals three games to none (25-10, 25-19 and 25-9).

There were many strong aspects of the Western offence which surfaced as the match progressed. "[The victory was] a tremendous team effort filled with balance, trust and everyone doing their specific job – the team communication was a strength," said Western's head coach Dean Lowrie.

When asked to identify the low points in Western's game, Lowrie was proud to state there were no apparent weaknesses at the moment. He also said he was proud of his team's efficiency in blocking and attacking.

The Gryphons' head coach, Linda Melnick, refused to comment on the match, despite Guelph's strong play and determination on the court. When Lowrie described the play of his opponents, he said their back court was a major factor in keeping the Mustangs on their toes. "The Gryphon back row was very effective in keeping their team in the game, especially the play of right setter [and outside hitter] Mairi Smith."

Mustang captain Marnie Simpson said the team's consistency, composure and intensity throughout the night was a key component to their victory, despite the fact Western had a decisive lead during the final game.

Simpson also said the turning point of the match took place during game two, when the Mustangs cued their comeback from a seven point deficit. "We fought our way back and once we hit 20, we were able to break away from there."

With an undefeated season so far, Simpson said she's still not willing to jump the gun on her team's chances. "Looking too far ahead is not the way to go. We cannot assume an easy win in any of our games."

With eight victories behind him so far, Lowrie said both athletes he banked on, plus a few who have stepped up have made such an accomplishment possible. "The stellar play of Marnie Simpson and [outside hitter] Bridget Campbell were expected early on, however, the improvements with the starters [Katherine Kiss and Sonja Janischewski] in the middle have strengthened our blocking ability."

Simpson said she was happy with how the team has played so far, however she thought there was still room for improvement.

"The defence is outstanding, which enables the team to keep the balls alive. But there are always aspects of team play that can be improved upon, despite our abilities at the moment."

The Mustangs will play their next match on the road against the University of Waterloo Warriors Nov. 24, hoping to extend their undefeated record.

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