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Tuesday, November 2, 1999


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Is Western ready to Laugh?

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Is Western ready to Laugh?

By Sara Martel
Gazette Staff

Lee Zanello has some advice for Western students, but it doesn't involve academic excellence, clean underwear, eating your greens or any other mom-isms. Zanello's suggestion is much more appealing.

"Laugh. The best advice that anyone could either give or receive, I think, is just to laugh. People are too politically correct sometimes and this really bothers me, this whole political correctness thing has gone way overboard," Zanello exclaims. "So, it's very simple just laugh. And when people see the word laugh, it's not really an instruction, it's just something you want to do, you want to go see this."

Zanello is suggesting people see his second annual comedy review, cleverly entitled, Laugh. After holding open auditions on campus, the fourth-year English/history major has put together a two hour show of comedy sketches and improv, performed by Western students.

As for the show itself, Zanello's personal adversity towards political correctness does shine through. "We do push the envelope a little, just like last year. This year's show is a little less raunchy, but we still push a few buttons, so some people who are more sensitive might get a bit offended. But we do apologize before the show and we want to make sure it's all in good taste," he smiles.

"We do have the more intellectual humour from well known writers like Christopher Durang and David Ives to balance out the toilet stuff. And there's also stuff in between that's just weird, so it's not completely politically incorrect, but it is something a little different."

Among the featured scenes is "Banking in the '90s," which follows the comings and goings of sperm bank participants, as well as "The Philadelphia" by Ives, in which one of the characters is metaphysically trapped in Philadelphia.

With clever and often bizarre sketches such as these, Zanello hopes Laugh will be the broccoli which feeds the malnourished comedy scene at Western. "Last year I did a show in Toronto along the same lines, called The Bob and that was the 127th year they had done that there. I was fortunate enough to write a third of the show and perform in it and I wanted to bring something like that here," he explains.

"I have already found a predecessor for next year's show and hopefully for the year after that, so this is something that will continue and I hope it does build into a kind of tradition because we don't have anything like it here – there is no comedy review."

Only time will tell if Western will take Zanello's advice and indulge in his uplifting veggies.

Laugh runs until Nov. 5 in University College's Conron Hall, beginning at 7:30 p.m.. Tickets are $4 at the door. Proceeds go to the Arts Students' Council and a yet to be named charity.

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