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Tuesday, November 2, 1999


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Journals to boost subscriptions

By Leena Kamat
Gazette Staff

Massive group efforts across the country have secured funding for a national digital library project.

According to Katy Nau, co-ordinator of institution relations at the Canada Foundation for Innovation, $20 million will be donated to the Canadian National Site Licensing Project towards the $50 million needed to fund the online journal project.

Nau explained 64 Canadian universities, including Western, are part of the project led by the University of Ottawa, which aims at increasing the number of online journal subscriptions the libraries will receive.

Nau said the CNSLP was one of the projects chosen by the CFI, as it fit CFI's mandate to strengthen research in the fields of science, the environment, engineering, medicine and health.

This project will allow students access to publishers' web sites where they can use the journals, said Tim Mark, executive director of the Canadian Association of Research Libraries.

"This will bring the core journals directly to the researchers' desktops," Mark said, adding the CNSLP is presently deciding on an executive committee to administer the project. Although all Canadian universities will benefit from this grant, Mark said smaller schools with less journal availability will experience the greatest advantage.

Mark said the CNSLP is looking into adding journals from the humanities and social sciences, creating a dispersed national library.

"I think we're witnessing the transition from print to electronic," said Richard Greene, chief librarian for the University of Ottawa.

Greene explained a problem which Canada has been trying to stop is the emigration of its brightest researchers to the United States in search of better resources. "It's the most exciting thing to hit libraries in the last 20 years," he said.

Associate director of libraries at Western, Len Geddie said he is ecstatic about the funding. Currently, Western subscribes to approximately 1,000 online journals. Geddie said he hoped this number would climb to 3,000 in light of the new funding.

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