Volume 93, Issue 35

Tuesday, November 2, 1999


Column shows ignorance and cowardice

Year 2000 doesn't meet Jetsons' expectations

Column shows ignorance and cowardice

Re: "Premier Harris: National Man of Mystery" Oct. 21

To the Editor:

In a piece demonstrating the Opinions editor's lack of thought and disrespect for the voters of Ontario, Aaron Wherry attacks the Tory record and the integrity of the premier.

The lies about the Tory record are not unexpected. Attempts to show the first four years of Harris' government in a negative light have been proven wrong and rejected by yet another majority government and a record $742 million for post-secondary education.

What is more appalling about the piece is the disgraceful questioning of the premier's integrity and separation.

The detractors and opponents have been given an opportunity to demonstrate their disapproval. These "upstanding human beings" had a chance to use the democratic process. They chose intimidation and were rejected by Ontario voters.

Mike Harris has demonstrated his courage and integrity over the past four years by coming through with tough decisions despite the threats and the fear-mongering of protesters.

Wherry attempts to use Harris' separation to question the premier's integrity. What this has to do with a strong economy and the highest levels of education spending in history is beyond logic. Personal issues do not belong in campaigns nor in political arguments. Only Wherry's cowardice and ignorance can explain such a shameful statement.

The Harris government has done what it said it would do, just read the Common Sense Revolution! This is not smoke and mirrors, but a breath of fresh air for Ontarians.

Harris came to Western to thank his victorious campaign supporters. Sorry Aaron, I didn't see you on the campaign trail.

Jason Valentin
Scholar's Electives III
President, UWOPC

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