Volume 93, Issue 47

Tuesday, November 23, 1999


UWO dealt blow by province

TA strike looms at Toronto U

Ad hoc committee fails in close Senate vote

Four year BAs and BScs considered

A week of false alarms and theft

Report reveals funding concern

Caught on campus

Bass Ackwards

A week of false alarms and theft

By Nina Chiarelli
Gazette Staff

Hold on to your hats was the message from the University Police Department this week, as students were plagued by numerous thefts.

Const. Wendy McGowan of the UPD said bikes were stolen from outside the D.B. Weldon Library and the Dental Sciences building this week. She said students are encouraged to use a quality lock when securing vehicles to prevent theft.

The London Fire Department was called to Lambton Hall twice, on Nov. 18. McGowan said the first incident was the result of a resident smoking in the stairwell, while the second was caused by food left burning on a stove.

With the weekend in full swing, the Student Emergency Response Team was called to Saugeen-Maitland Hall to provide care for an intoxicated male. He was not transported to the hospital, but left in the care of residence advisors.

Suspicious activity was reported in the Talbot College parking lot on Nov. 16 and McGowan said she is warning all vehicle owners to lock their car doors. She explained two suspicious people were seen trying to open vehicle doors. When police arrived, no suspects were located.

A little closer to home, The Gazette office doors were vandalized last week, McGowan said. "It was most likely done as a prank," she added.

The Western's men's rugby team was a little worse for wear this week, after their scoreboard was stolen from the practice field on Nov. 22, McGowan said.

The five finger discount coontinued to be the crime of the week, with many wallet thefts reported throughout various locations on campus. "A wallet was stolen from an unlocked classroom in the Engineering Sciences building, while another wallet was reported stolen from a purse left in a unlocked, unattended room in the University Community Centre," McGowan explained. "A plastic card holder was also reported stolen this week from the cafeteria in the Natural Sciences building. It contained identification, cash and credit cards."

McGowan strongly urged students to keep track of their personal belongings and not leave them unattended.

Elsewhere on campus, a gasoline leak near the service buildings behind the Engineering Sciences building was reported. "It was from a fuel truck delivering gasoline," McGowan said. She added nothing out of the ordinary was found upon further investigation.

Both Const. Tracy Frizell of the London Police and McGowan said the investigation into the stabbing which occurred last weekend at the Wave is still ongoing. "We're still doing interviews and following leads," Frizell said. McGowan added the UPD is working to help the London Police solve the case as quickly as possible.

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