Volume 93, Issue 48

Wednesday, November 24, 1999


Warfare not be confused with love

Degrading implications

Degrading implications

Re: "What's love but a second hand emotion?" Nov. 17

To the Editor:

I am at least heartened to know that Michael Smith expected some responses to his letter in last Wednesday's paper. Trusting that my letter will not be the only one, I would like to submit my contribution.

Smith's simplistic conclusion that women like being treated badly by their partners is both offensive and alarming. Smith clearly has a poor opinion of women's intelligence if he thinks that women really enjoy being in abusive relationships. I submit to him that a woman's position in an abusive relationship is much more complex than he suggests.

I would like to know what level of expertise Smith has in the area of relationships that allows him to claim that his opinion is the "bottom line."

Also, Smith might consider that women often stay in abusive relationships, not because they enjoy being abused, but because they are afraid of leaving. This is only one of many explanations. It is never as simplistic as Smith seems to think.

I would like to remind Smith that a relationship is not about "hold[ing] on to your girls," it is about a partnership.

Finally, I'd like to point out that any enlightened, educated person should be offended by a statement which implies women enjoy being treated badly, not just "female readers" or (heaven forbid) feminists. Michael Smith's statement is both insulting and degrading.

Danika Barker
Arts II

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