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Thursday, November 25, 1999


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Student definition changed by USC

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Student definition changed by USC

By Paul-Mark Rendon
Gazette Staff

A motion to change the definition of the word "student" within the University Students' Council's by-laws passed with relative ease at last night's USC meeting.

King's College councillor Lana Bryon, along with fellow King's councillor Mike Werenich, put forth a motion to change the word "student" to mean any individual registered as full-time or part-time undergraduate student at Western until the last day of the add/drop period in September.

Previously, according to the by-law, individuals were deemed "students" for administrative purposes, up until Oct. 31. But Bryon said the date needed to be bumped back to September, since the extra month would allow more time for the USC to run a by-election should the case arise in which a USC officer, who was not a student, had to step down from the position.

"Originally, I had not meant for this to be a contentious motion. I meant for it to be a simple one preventing the [Steve] Zolis situation from happening again," she said. "Any extension of [the Sept. add/drop date] for whatever reason does not make sense," she said.

Zolis, former VP-student affairs, resigned from his post Oct. 7 because he failed to register as a student. The commissioners in the student affairs portfolio were subsequently distributed amongst the remaining five Board of Directors.

Michael Rubinoff, president of the law students council and undergraduate representative on the Board of Governors, said it was high time some action was taken to ensure USC officers were held in check with regards to being able to fulfill their terms. "Many times we know these people are running with no intention of committing to a full term," he said. "The only disservice it does is to the students we represent. There is a need to send a strong message in February or March that you're in this for the long haul," Rubinoff said.

The motion ultimately carried, but not without an amendment put forth by Huron College councillor Chris Sinal, who said closing the loophole would inadvertently unlock student senators from fulfilling their terms until the annual Nov. 1 senatorial election date.

Sinal offered to amend the motion to exclude members of Senate and the BOG who also sit on council. "Even if they're not a student, they are still a senator and we should keep them on," he said. "For right now, don't cut them out."

Bryon said the idea for the change was borne out of common sense. "I still hold strongly that everybody sitting on this council should be a student," she added.

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