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Thursday, November 25, 1999


Mercer talks to council

Student definition changed by USC

Recommendations for BOG revealed tonight

Western helping to make sure the kids are all right

Archives may settle controversy


Bass Ackwards

Recommendations for BOG revealed tonight

By Nina Chiarelli
Gazette Staff

The Board of Governors will meet tomorrow and hear recommendations from their Senior Operations Committee as to whether Western's administration acted accordingly when it de-registered four engineering students in September.

The committee consists of the chair and vice-chair of BOG, the chair of the Property and Finance Committee and one member of BOG not employed by the university. Its mandate is to report and make recommendations to BOG on matters of policy as the chair deems advisable.

The SOC will present a motion for BOG to accept three recommendations regarding the delegation of authority concerning sanctions for non-academic offenses. These recommendations parallel the present sanctions for academic offences. The committee will also ask BOG to pass a motion which states senior administration exercised legitimate authority when it rescinded the registration of the four students who admitted to vandalizing university property.

Michael Rubinoff, undergraduate student representative of BOG, said he felt concerned about the open-endedness of the second recommendation, which confirms the delegation of authority to Western's senior administration, including the discretion to lay criminal charges, impose academic sanctions and/or proceed under the Student Disciplinary Code.

"I have some concerns about [the motion] and questions to raise at the meeting," Rubinoff said. "Specifically where the Board is delegating authority to senior administration. Where does the student disciplinary code fit in?"

Rubinoff said his concerns are with the application of the term "discretion." "I'm a little concerned about the discretionary delegation of authority."

He added he was concerned the Board might be approving a flawed procedure. "The students were out, now they're back in. Even if we had a manual to follow, why has there been [two] decisions on one offence?"

Wally Gibson, who has sat on BOG since 1996 and is one of the four committee members, said he could not comment on the committee's recommendations. "It's gotten into a destructive mode and I really think given the situation, I cannot comment."

Western's VP-administration Peter Mercer said the SOC's recommendations confirm administration acted accordingly when it de-registered the students. "Obviously, given the Senior Operations of the Board agrees with the position taken by administration," Mercer said.

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