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Thursday, November 25, 1999


Mercer talks to council

Student definition changed by USC

Recommendations for BOG revealed tonight

Western helping to make sure the kids are all right

Archives may settle controversy


Bass Ackwards


New test for Lyme disease

Lyme disease will now be easier to combat after the recent discovery of a new method of testing for the disease.

A team of four doctors at the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey, announced this week they have found a way of testing the blood of people who have been bitten by a tick bug.

Standard Lyme disease tests check for the anti-bodies which arise after infection, said Bart Holland, one of the researchers.

Holland explained the new test detects the immune complexes in the body after being bitten, instead of waiting for the anti-bodies to arise. "It's a very specific test. I think it's an important advance. The earlier you treat, the better the outcome of the patient."

Holland added Lyme disease can affect anyone of any age and has serious neurological symptoms, including facial paralysis and seizures.

Socialists unite

Socialists are encouraged to attend a meeting tonight to discuss present day society.

"Being a revolutionary Socialist, the free market capitalist system is the source of social injustice in the world," said Devin Hanes, co-organizer of the Western branch of International Socialists. "In order to eliminate the problems, we need a new system."

Hanes said the discussion will address the purpose of revolution and why people mistakenly believe revolutions lead to tyranny.

Scott Jack, a member of the London branch of IS will speak in Rm. 49 of the University Community Centre tonight at 7 p.m..

Savin' some cash

Belt tightening will be a focus on campus for the rest of this week, as the Canadian Campus Business Consortium's conference is being hosted by Western's University Students' Council.

"The [CCBC] is an organization that aims to provide cost-saving opportunities for Canadian student associations and the students they represent," said Derrick Taub, VP-finance for the USC.

In the past, the CCBC has taken a number of initiatives to save students money, such as providing affordable automobile and house insurance through a company, Taub explained.

He added CCBC member schools will convene this week and throughout the weekend.

–Stephanie Cesca

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