Volume 93, Issue 49

Thursday, November 25, 1999


"Liar, Liar No. 15"

Belief may look bad

Prof crosses the line?

Prof crosses the line?

Re: "Police pull preacher" Nov. 18

To the Editor:

The actions of Patrick Brown, a university psychology professor, after preacher Ed Wellein was pulled from the Concrete Beach amazed me. I believe in free speech, but there is some sort of line that one cannot cross.

Let's say, hypothetically, that this character Ed Wellein was proposing that all blacks will be damned because they're black. I wonder what Patrick Brown would have had to say then? In my opinion, Ed Wellein was preaching the same thing, pretty much. Still free speech, right? And therefore, it was implied, he should be able to do it.

I am quite surprised that someone who is a university professor, carrying knowledge and intelligence, would front such defence to such an inappropriate character. A character that should not be on campus plaguing students with his heinous propaganda, let alone having his presence supported by a university professor.

Hussein Allidina
Economics II

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