Volume 93, Issue 36

Wednesday, November 3, 1999


In regards to safety on campus

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In regards to safety on campus

To the Editor:

I'm concerned about the safety of students (especially female) walking alone through the woods leading from campus to Gibbons Park and from the Saugeen-Maitland Hall parking lot through Medway Creek.

When I was walking on the Western bridge Saturday afternoon, I saw a man hiding in the shrubs close to the path near the river, taking off his shorts when he saw lone girls walking there. Unfortunately, this incident was not unique. Over the past several years, I've encountered similar individuals in the woods around Medway Creek.

In all cases, the campus police were notified, but the fact remains that it is very difficult to patrol these areas at all times. If you tend to walk or jog through them, please take a friend along instead of assuming – as I used to – that the woods are always safe when it's broad daylight.

Alison Kenzie
Instructor, Department of English

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