Volume 93, Issue 36

Wednesday, November 3, 1999


In regards to safety on campus

Democracy lost within criticisms

Millenium celebration misguided

Millenium celebration misguided

To the Editor:

An open letter to the 1999 UWO Fall Graduates:

I was under the impression, in an institution of higher learning, we would be able to accurately state who was the last graduating class of the 20th century.

I hate to break it to you and the Western News of Oct. 21, but you are NOT the last graduating class of the 20th century! I give a hearty congratulations to those graduating in the fall of 2000 – you will be the last Western grads of this millennium.

I hope The Gazette doesn't get caught up in all this false hype about a new century one year too early, like our more learned colleagues across the road. Good luck in the future!

Perry Monaco
History V
VP-campus issues, University Students' Council

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