Volume 93, Issue 51

Tuesday, November 30, 1999


Contemplating academic competence at Western

Campus Comment

Campus Comment

Campus & Culture went looking for the word around Western as to why students are where they are today and what drives them towards their futures.

We sent out a reporter to ask students what influenced their decision to choose the program they are in and what they expected to get out of it. Here are some of your responses.

"More than anything, sociology interests me. It's a good experience degree and I'm not so much interested in the job opportunities, but in the broadening of my knowledge on the subject."

–Jeremy Hann, Sociology IV

"I chose my [Bachelor of Arts] because I'm interested in social sciences more than any other degree. It is probably a more versatile degree than any other. Hopefully, I'll get a satisfying job where I can apply what I learned."

–Lindsay Grundy, Psychology II

"I like math, innovation and memorization. I know I'll get a job no matter what. I just wanted to do something I enjoy and is fun, not something I am forced to do."

–Zameer Rizvi, Engineering I

"I've always been interested in electronics. With my degree, I hope to make lots of money and get a job doing what I enjoy."

–Nick Edwards, Electrical Engineering III

"It's just about getting a degree. The majority of people who graduate with a BA don't know what they want to do. [The degree] indicates on a résumé that you can start something and finish it. Communications skills, people skills and language skills are all things that are valued in the working world."

–Amanda Campbell, BA Film graduate

"I knew [kinesiology] was for me because I like sports and I like boys. Kin offers me both."

–Christy Tomkins, Kinesiology III

"I've asked myself why I chose the program I did a million times. I won't get anything out of my degree. If I'm going to get a job it's not going to be because of my particular degree, but because I have a degree."

–Peter Crocker, History/Economics III

"I love biology and I want a career in the health sciences. Volunteer work in hospitals and clinics will help me in the communications field."

–Kwasi Asare-Acquah, Biology II

"I chose economics because I want to make money. I hope to get a stable job with lots of benefits and security."

–Lesley Caines, Economics I

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