Volume 93, Issue 51

Tuesday, November 30, 1999


Board of Governors ratifies TA contract

Mercer gets second shot at admin

For-profit growth in CCBC plan

Province gets permit to party even harder

A little nookie goes a long way

Crime on campus discovers the wheel


Bass Ackwards

Crime on campus discovers the wheel

By Nina Chiarelli
Gazette Staff

Const. Wendy McGowan from the University Police Department said drivers should lock their vehicles and secure any items inside, as vehicle related crime statistics were on the rise this week.

"There were five accidents reported this week," McGowan said. "They were all referred to the accident reporting centre and there were no injuries." She added there were also a series of people who reported missing front and back licence plates, as well as several thefts of items from the vehicles.

Custodians at Somerville House reported a suspicious person in the building on Nov. 22. The individual was reportedly seen attempting to open locked doors in order to gain entry into secured areas.

On Nov. 23, the girls of Brescia College were treated to a free, live performance of The Full Monty, as an unspecified number of unknown men were reported taking their clothes off on the front lawn of the building. McGowan said the men were given a warning.

There was a bit of a commotion in the Kresge Building on Nov. 26 when a caretaker reported the smell of something burning, McGowan said. The UPD, the London Fire Department, the Student Emergency Response Team and the Occupational Health and Safety Board were all present.

"There was a fire in an equipment dryer machine. It resulted from items that were placed in the dryer that caught fire," she explained. Although the dryer was in a common laboratory facility, only the oven and its contents suffered damages. There were no injuries and the investigation is ongoing.

Still reeling from the early morning fire, the UPD also responded to a call from a concerned parent who could not locate her daughter. The missing person report came in the early evening of Nov. 26 and McGowan said it was dismissed when the female student was located. "It's important for people to touch base with the people who care about them," McGowan said. She added although students are considered adults, this has happened in the past. "We do have this happen, so as a thoughtful gesture, [students should] keep in touch with [their] parents."

A student got lucky this past week, as his bicycle which was previously stolen was located and returned to him. "The bike was registered with us, so as a result we were able to return it," McGowan said. She added not all students who report their bikes missing are lucky enough to have them returned and students should take care to secure them accordingly.

The UPD also had the unlucky job of transporting an intoxicated male to the detoxification facility downtown. "Detox is a place for them to sleep it off, if they're compliant," McGowan said. "It's what we do in lieu of a charge."

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