Volume 93, Issue 51

Tuesday, November 30, 1999


Need to check your headlines

One musn't overshadow the other

A hard look at debate and freedom

Need to check your headlines

Re: "Reform policy may harm UN friendship," "Bernardo's appeal based on err" and "Students crushed by pre-game bonfire," Nov. 19

To the Editor:

While as an engineering graduate I may be considered sub-literate by some folk, I'm afraid that the Nov. 19 issue of The Gazette provided some strong evidence that your editors should spend a little bit more time proofreading and less on pontificating.

The first sentence of the article on page three stated that, "The relationship between Canada and the United Nations may be in for a change if the Reform Party of Canada ever becomes the province's majority government." Though I am given to understand that all of Canada revolves around Ontario, I don't believe that this extends to the doorstep of the UN. How can we complain that people in the U.S. are clueless?

A headline on page four read, "Bernardo's appeal based on err." Last I reckoned, "on error" would be the proper way to end that prepositional phrase. Or the headline might have read, "Bernardo says judge screwed him," or some other just as sensational claptrap which at least would be grammatically correct.

And on page five, the headline read, "Students crushed by pre-game bonfire." By what chemical principle does a bonfire "crush" anyone? In the rush to get down to the Wave for the weekend, couldn't some editor have taken 10 seconds to reconsider and try something more reasonable like perhaps, "Aggies crushed by bonfire logs?"

Considering that a J-school exists on campus, is it too much to expect that the student newspaper at least try to help demonstrate why a prospective journalism student would want to attend Western?

Gary H. Pon
Masters of Library and Information Science

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