Volume 93, Issue 51

Tuesday, November 30, 1999


Western Cheerleading #1 again

Synchronized at Trent

Mustangs inch past Gryphons

What happened to my Rangers?

What happened to my Rangers?

I'm not exactly sure when it happened, but somehow when I was a young impressionable lad, I became a New York Rangers fan.

Now that I'm a little older I have to ask myself, what in God's name has happened to my team?

The Rangers by and large usually suck, I'll admit it – the only team they ever had anything on was the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Then came the early '90s when the Rangers, led by Mark Messier, somehow managed to become the best team in the league and win a Stanley Cup.

I can still remember staying awake until two in the morning the night Messier guaranteed a win against New Jersey, as well as the overtime win against Vancouver in game six to clinch the cup. But it's time to wake up and smell the stench of a losing team.

The Rangers of 1999 are a far cry from those of 1993. Messier is gone, Gretzky, the great one himself, couldn't even help this team get into the playoffs. Speaking of which, when the hell was the last time the Rangers made the playoffs anyway?

Let's get to the point – the Rangers, one of the richest teams in the National Hockey League, have decided to get themselves a championship in typical '90s style. Spending a lot of money in the off-season, getting the cream of the free agent crop and then, with a lot of hype, they went into the season with predictions of being one of the dominant teams in the NHL.

Not that it really surprised me or anything, but as we approach December the Rangers are sitting with an impressive (insert sarcasm here) 7-13-3 record. Wow, who would have thought all that money could get your team near the basement of the Atlantic Division?

If the Rangers even make the playoffs this year, it will be a miracle equaling Moses parting the Red Sea. The sad thing is that if the Rangers had been patient for a few years, they could have had the potential to dominate the league.

Instead of going out and buying all the free agents you can find, recruit some solid young players. Sooner or later the Rangers could have ended up with a very talented young team and with the amount of money they have, keeping them signed wouldn't be a problem.

The Rangers have the potential of having the best of both worlds and yet there they are at the bottom of the basement. My mother always said patience is a virtue, but in today's hockey world it seems more like a sin and the Rangers are guilty of the same mistake as so many other teams – winning at all costs.

The worst thing is that now I don't even have an idea who half the people on the team are. Guys like Leetch and Richter are still around, but who else is there?

I still have the shirt and the hat, but I'm thinking it's time for me to find a new team – my Rangers don't exist anymore.

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