Volume 93, Issue 37

Thursday, November 4, 1999


Students charged for opt-out

Martin talks money

Biotech receives $20 million fund

Wearing two hats worries teaching association

LSAT's day in court postponed

U of M tenured prof grieves his June dismissal



Caught on campus


Western program spreads its wings

Western is about to unveil their first plane, which would make Top Gun's Maverick blush.

The first plane for Western's new commercial aviation management program will be unveiled today, at 11 a.m. near the London Airport, said Ted Hewitt, director of the administrative and commercial studies program and associate dean of social sciences.

Hewitt said the four-seater Cessna 172, worth approximately $160,000 US, has "UWO" painted on the tail. It is an excellent trainer, which has the full capability to teach students, he added.

"It's a great advantage because it can take the students from the beginning to the end [of the program]," Hewitt said.

–Leena Kamat

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