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Thursday, November 4, 1999


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Research story not legitimate

Re: "Animal researchers targeted" Oct. 28

To the Editor:

I was puzzled as to why the story "Animal researchers targeted" merited top billing in your Oct. 28 edition. If you closely examine the facts, you'd see that this story is not a legitimate one at all.

First of all, on the subject of animal "researchers" getting death threats, even the article points out that no Canadian researcher has been targeted by this supposed "animal rights" group. Much of the information is provided by Patricia Guyda, president of Canadians for Health Research, an advocacy group strongly in favour of medical testing on non-human animals – hardly an unbiased source to acquire facts from.

Secondly, the web site posting from this so-called animal rights group occurred in mid-September. Yet at the end of October, it is suddenly newsworthy. This is because the animal researchers, ever in need of increased funding for their projects, want to broaden both public and governmental attention towards their work. This includes the suffering and death of innocent living beings who are deemed expendable because they don't speak our language, because they are smaller and weaker than us and because we have an antiquated world view that holds the earth and all its species are here for human benefit and enjoyment.

What better way to create sympathy for the researchers' cause than to create an evil enemy bent on inflicting harm upon the "well-meaning, compassionate" animal researcher?

Rather than giving credence to this blatant propaganda, why not do a story on the torment that non-human animals endure in laboratories here on campus? Or maybe the powers-that-be have decided such a report would be not be newsworthy.

Andreas Gripp
BA '86
London Animal Alliance

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