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Thursday, November 4, 1999


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True hero in the sun is not Rose

Re: "Rose deserves a place in the sun" Oct. 27

To the Editor:

I am sure that the majority of sports fans agree that Pete Rose deserves a "place in the sun," but that may be their hearts talking and not their heads.

Few can argue with Petey's amazing statistics on the field of battle, but lest we forget that he, like fellow parasitic figure Allan Eagleson, who himself was unceremoniously removed from the National Hockey League Hall of Fame, abused their positions within the game.

Both individuals did wonderful things for their sport and based on their enormous contributions to the game, there is no question that they deserve to be honoured for their accomplishments.

But both men (if I can call them that) have disgraced both themselves and their respective sports. Their manipulation and blatant disregard of the institutions that made them, far outweighs and overshadows whatever achievements and contributions that either has given back to the sport.

In the case of Pete Rose, or should I say "Charlie Hustle(r)" – here is an arrogant and egotistical individual. After 10 years, he still will not publicly admit to betting on baseball while he was the manager of the Cincinnati Reds, despite the fact that Major League Baseball has documentation signed by Rose himself (and I thought he was illiterate) that he did indeed bet on baseball and bet heavily for at least three years!!

With regards to Rose, admitting his guilt might be a good first step. But sadly, the passionate sports fan often overlooks and easily forgives "heroes of the game." They are, we say, "only human" and "deserve a second chance." How soon we forget that they are also role models for children and owe a debt to society for paying their enormous and escalating salaries.

I put the question forward – if you had to share a place in the Hall of Fame with a corrupt attorney who feasted on player pensions and salaries, or an immoral classless baseball player who loved to gamble as much as he loved to run around the bases, which one would you choose to have your bust next to?

Granted not everyone in the Hall of Fame is a saint. The list of inductees range from alcoholics to womanizers, but for all their indiscretions and mistakes, Mickey Mantle and Babe Ruth never so wounded their sport and cast such a dark and ominous shadow that lingers to this day. Major League Baseball should be applauded for taking a stand (for once) and boldly challenging one of its greats.

And finally, we as sports fans should remember the one individual responsible for Petey's banishment from baseball – Commissioner Bart Giamatti. His courage and conviction to challenge Pete Rose far outweighs anything Rose has ever done on the field.

Sadly, he passed away of a heart attack shortly after his long and painful struggle to preserve the integrity of baseball against one of its fallen heroes. When I watched the introduction of the all-century team and heard all the applause for Pete Rose, I wondered just how many sports fans knew who the real hero was.

Jonathan Bratt
Film/English III

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