Volume 93, Issue 37

Thursday, November 4, 1999


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Asking for $10 is $10 too much

To the Editor:

Recently, I learned of an event entitled an "Evening With Finance Minister Paul Martin," Nov. 2 at King's College.

First, I felt what an amazing opportunity to get a chance to speak with Paul Martin and address the issues that concern King's and Western students. These issues include higher tuition costs, student loans and GST on books.

To my dismay, I found out that the event costs each student $10, paid directly to Western's Young Liberals.

I was completely shocked by this evidence – here was the Finance Minister of Canada, an individual who is paid by the average Canadian citizen to do his job.

He should be accessible to each Canadian citizen, no matter whether they are students or owners of large corporations.

Mr. Martin is paid a hefty salary, excluding his MP pension and frequent tours of the country. When Mr. Martin came to King's College he should have had a "FREE" evening and allowed students from across King's and Western to ask questions that concerned them most.

Mike Werenich
USC Councillor, King's College

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