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Thursday, November 4, 1999


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Library of politicians

Re: "Skidmore named library's CEO" Oct. 26

To the Editor:

Perhaps we should not be surprised that a non-librarian (and defeated political candidate) has been hired as CEO of the London Public Library system. After all, only a few months ago, another non-librarian and defeated political candidate was appointed National Librarian of Canada.

Even if such individual details are not eagerly studied in Canadian political science, ex-political candidates/politicians are in fact appointed as judges, diplomats, heads of Crown corporations and so on.

Career politicians receive favourable consideration for vice-regal posts and corporate directorships. Propaganda notwithstanding, there is a well worn path between politics and the higher echelons of public administration and corporate business.

Nor should we be surprised that a lot of these jobs are somehow not prominently listed at the local "job bank." Perhaps these realities are now just too obvious (and tedious) for discussion or comment.

Charles Addington
London Resident

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