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Friday, November 5, 1999


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As a public service to all those too busy with midterms and essays to pick up the comics section the last little while, we've decided to devote this edition of Dot.com to highlighting a few of the better sites out there for online cartoons.

We must warn all ahead of time, however, that these sites don't exactly feature the most sweet and innocent characters. In other words, if you find Ziggy and Garfield risqué, you might want to buckle up for this online ride along the information superhighway.

Keeping to the Canadian student arena, University of Calgary student Adam Thrasher has been publishing his cartoon about a morally decrepit moose from outerspace since 1989. The moose has previously appeared in their student newspaper, The Gateway and Thrasher has now created a web site devoted to the strip.

Spacemoose (www.spacemoose.com) has as its principal character perhaps the most vile, perverted and antisocial cartoon character since R. Crumb's "Fritz the Cat." The site not only catalogues some of Thrasher's personal favorite strips ("Antlers of the Damned" and "Fellatio Barn" among the selections), but also includes the wealth of both fan and hate mail he has garnered for his efforts.

Moving down the comedy ladder, those feeling there just isn't enough potty humour out there can tap into a site devoted exclusively to cartoons of people... well, taking a dump. Doodie.Com (www.doodie.com) features different daily cartoons displayed in flash animation depicting perhaps the most inventive methods of pinching a loaf in the known universe.

Better cartoons of late include two different sets of circus acrobats releasing their mookie stinks in various flips, cartwheels and roundoffs, as well as a truly flexible individual managing to defecate in the oddest of manners.

Not for the faint of heart, this site is best used by people who have just run out of original ways to relieve themselves and need a little nudge in a more creative direction.

Finally, for the morbid folks out there who have spent the majority of the semester drawing stick figures dying violent deaths along the margins of their notes during class, Stickdeath.Com (www.stickdeath.com) is the site which will bring your fantasies of maiming and demise to glorious shockwave life.

Favourite films of the stick figures around our office include "The Jerry Sticker Show," a parody of everyone's favorite trash TV program with the stick figures smashing stick bodies with chairs and urinating in stick pants, as well as "Death By Dunking," a film of a stick figure slamming his own head through a basketball hoop ˆ la Jordan, except no one would want to be like Mike if his headless neck was spraying blood all over the court.

Not for the squeamish, this site is perfect for a little venting at those who have managed to offend you.

–Luke Rundle

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