Volume 93, Issue 38

Friday, November 5, 1999


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Elgin Hall officially opens with ceremony

By Stephanie Cesca
Gazette Staff

Faculty and staff took some time off yesterday to cut the ribbon and the cake, which officially opened Western's newest residence, Elgin Hall.

Susan Grindrod, senior director of housing and ancillary services, began the welcoming speeches. "We feel really excited about this residence," she said.

The grand opening celebrated not only the coming together of most of the finishings of the residence, but also recognized the move of the new housing and ancillary services office to the residence.

"We're here among about 1,200 students in the area now and that's a really appropriate place for a housing office to be," Grindrod said.

She added although the completion of the weight and music rooms had to be put on the back burner on account of the buildings tight construction schedule, the rooms have recently been finished and are now accessible to the students.

"What a wonderful place, right now," said Western president Paul Davenport.

Davenport added the delays in construction contributed to the residence not being fully finished until a few days before move-in day. Without the help of dedicated staff working on Labour Day weekend, the residence would not have opened in time, he said.

The residence will be a place where friendships will begin, Davenport said, in addition to establishing important alumni relationships. "And this residence will provide a bond, not only with the fellow students, but with the university that lasts a lifetime."

"I'm quite impressed with the cafeteria," said London city controller Russ Monteith. In addition to the cafeteria looking very chic, he said the food accommodated several kinds of diets. "When I went to university, you were lucky to get food, let alone selection."

Overall, Monteith said the residence was not only a terrific part of campus, but of the London community as well. "I'm sure when the parents bring their children here, they must say 'Boy, I'm not sure if I want to go home.'"

Wendy Pest, a first-year science student who lives at Elgin Hall and was present at the grand opening, said she liked living at the residence. "It's great. It's new and it's clean."

Pest added Elgin residents met with Grindrod Monday evening to discuss some of the concerns they had about the residence, adding housing said they would try to respond to all reasonable requests made by the students, such as mirrors in the weight room and more pay phones.

Pest added the work out room and the music room were nice additions to the residence, which was very popular and well utilized.

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