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Friday, November 5, 1999


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Deputy registrar waves goodbye

By Stephanie Cesca
Gazette Staff

After 24 years of dutiful service, Western's deputy registrar Rob Tiffin, is saying thanks and so long.

"I initially started out in liaison back in 1975," he said of his career at Western. Tiffin said he then became the director of admissions and academic records and finally the deputy registrar, a title he has held for the past four years.

Tiffin has accpeted a position as the new registrar at Brock University. It is a smaller school, but Tiffin said its population is expected to grow in addition to its size, therefore creating some interesting projects for him. "I'm just looking forward to working in a slightly different environment."

Tiffin said he will look back on his career at Western fondly. "The best part has been quite clearly, the people I work with and the students," he said.

Bonnie Newman, associate vice-president of student services at Brock said their former registrar moved to Toronto to accommodate his wife's career. "That [position] came up quickly," she said. "[It] became vacant at the beginning of September."

Newman said Brock advertised just as quickly throughout the country. "We were very committed to finding a registrar who is student-committed."

Not just anyone could apply for this position, Newman said. She explained the university was seeking someone who could set up a new system for student aid, advise students academically and had a good group-work ethic – all in addition to having great managerial skills.

"Rob Tiffin just stood out among the rest," Newmansaid, adding excellent references came from everyone at Western, including President Paul Davenport.

Since September, Brock's registrar's office has been busy and will be, she explained, until Dec. 1 when Tiffin starts his new position.

Although the position of deputy registrar at Western is now vacant, Western registrar Roma Harris said the university will not be rushing to fill the position. "We're looking at [an] overall restructuring the office of the registrar because of the PeopleSoft system."

At the present moment, the position will be left until the office completes all of the changes. For now, however, Harris said she, along with the entire office of the registrar, wish Tiffin all of the best.

"I'll miss him actually – he was an excellent colleague."

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