Volume 93, Issue 38

Friday, November 5, 1999


The research of diversity celebration

Charitable deed reaps big rewards

Invitation lost in mail

Invitation lost in mail

Re: "Wherry the one slithering" and "No honesty, integrity here" Oct. 29

To the Editor:

After reading a slew of sickeningly sweet pro-Mike Harris letters in your paper, we believe a little balance is in order.

The claim has been made that Mr. Harris is unquestionably "courageous" in his political modus operandi. We then, question the secrecy surrounding his recent appearance at Western. If this occasion was so laudable, why was it not announced in advance of his arrival?

Is it simply a coincidence that Mr. Harris and his PC cronies arrived on campus while 800 Faculty of Education students were away on their practice teaching blocs and therefore, unable to express their opinion in a public forum?

Next time Mr. Harris is in town, we would appreciate an open invitation from all of the PC clubs on campus, so Ontarians like ourselves can plead for that "breath of fresh air" which, it is claimed, Mr. Harris offers both us and his sycophantic champions.

If Mr. Harris wishes to come to Western for a PC love-in that is fine, but as premier of the province he should also avail himself to those who comprise the 55 per cent of Ontarians who did not vote for him.

Keith Sled
Steve Clark

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